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The Ben Sherman Archive Collection is made up of pieces that are true homages to their originals. As a brand with music and mod culture so engrained in our identity, we treat the Archive Collection as the ‘Greatest Hits’ of Ben Sherman. You might not remember all of them, but they each deserve their own encore.

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Ben Sherman was a legend in his own right. A man described as ‘always embracing the new and the different’; someone constantly searching for the best of things. He disliked regularity, preferring to search out things that were perceived as unavailable to him. In 1963 he was ready to launch his first Ben Sherman shirt and in 1970 he famously ordered a million yards of cloth for our iconic oxford shirts and a quarter million yards of the signature gingham check, testament to the popularity of the brand. The shirts were a huge success, offering something brand new and previously unseen for men’s clothing in England. Now having existed for 5 decades the Ben Sherman shirt and brand have been adopted by almost every youth culture or style movement of the last 5 decades, from the mods, to 2 tone and ska, to brit pop and is today still worn by bands and style leaders of the current decade. Ben Sherman not only created clothing history with his Ben Sherman shirt, but he created a way of thinking that has helped create a global lifestyle brand offering jackets, pants, tailoring and accessories. His passion for original thinking and rejecting the normal and mundane has left a legacy that can still be witnessed today.