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Thursday, 8 August 2019


Introducing The Series from Ben Sherman, A curated collection of inspiration individuals, featuring: James Chuter, Bushy, Tom Ravenscroft & Nicholas Sinclair.


A model and rapper with a unique sense of style. Nicholas is London born and bred and is making his own path in the music world. Ben Sherman sit down with Nicholas in his recording studio to discuss everything from his inspiration to his mum’s insistence on him wearing Ben Sherman to school.


Tell us a little about your path to becoming a musician?

It all started with my mum to be honest. She was into her music. She was always playing me the old school hits and gospel hits and such. She had a studio in her house. She started to notice that I was really developing an interest in music so she set up the studio in my room. I started getting my own tracks down, then I started rapping over my own beats. And it really just snowballed from there. I took a little break from the music when I started modelling, but it’s always been my main passion if I’m honest. It’s always been the one thing I’ve aspired to be good at, and it feels good to be in a position to dedicate my time to it now. Coming back to it and getting something behind it.


Where do you write your music?

It’s funny, man. No lie: I can never write when I actually take the time out to do so. There’s no one place or time that I dedicate to writing. Sometimes I’ll just be walking down the street and I’ll just spit a random bar, and I’ll know I’m onto something. So I’ll have to stop there and work it through, see where it takes me. It’s not a planned thing, but when it takes me I can write two or three songs in a single day. And I mean whole, entire three minute songs, not some vague outline. I could literally write three songs and lay them all down in 24 hours.


What’s your favourite Ben Sherman piece of clothing and why?

It’s the short sleeved gingham Oxford. It has to be! It’s such a classic, iconic piece. It’s a little piece of history isn’t it? You wear it and you’re a part of something. It also looks sharp, man. Such a clean look that works anywhere for anyone. You can bring your own style to it.


How do you decide what to wear in the morning?

Not gonna lie, man. I’m probably the least fashion-conscious model in the world. I don’t really follow any kind of trends or fashions. Don’t get me wrong, I like to look the part and I like what I’m wearing to be clean and new, but I’m not trying to follow a particular style. Comfortable and functional are always going to win out over anything. I’m just has happy in a fresh tracksuit as I am in a shirt. I just keep it nice and simple.


What does Ben Sherman mean to you?

I’ve worked with Ben Sherman a few times and it’s always a blast. Ben Sherman as a brand is so ingrained in British culture and subculture that it’s always a learning experience working with them. They’re always pushing things a little bit further. As a kid, my mum would always put me in Ben Sherman when I needed to look smart. My school didn’t force you to wear a uniform so I was always decked out in Ben Sherman. It was kind of my uniform, in a way.



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