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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Get Spotted: The Polka Dot Collection

Swinging London in the 1960s is an iconic period in British history; Carnaby Street, The Rolling Stones, James Bond and teen rebellion. Style, music and attitudes were all changing. With the post-war gloom clearing, the city was moving to a different beat and Ben Sherman was there from the start.

The capital was embracing a fresh way of thinking; a formidable youth generation made London great. Creativity, sex and the freedom of expression became by-words of the time. For the first time ever young people had a disposable income and they weren’t afraid to spend it – and there were a lot of young people. By the mid-1960s around 40% of the population was under 25, creating an energy and exuberance that had never been seen before.

People suddenly had a glimpse at possibilities; an opportunity to do something else – they didn’t have to just follow in their parent’s footsteps. A door had been opened to rebellion and individual style. British pop culture icons were hugely influential; their style and behaviour would continue to inspire. Who and where do you begin? Mick Jagger, The Who, Terence Stamp, Twiggy, David Bailey, Michael Caine, Jean Shrimpton. Musicians, artists, models and actors would rub shoulders at the heart of the city; in a way that was distinctly British, London became a beacon of cool.

With a nod back at the colour, energy and style of this period, we introduce The Polka Dot Collection; a sharp, 60s-inspired range that’s typically Ben Sherman.

Click here to shop the collection online! 

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