In our fourth collection for the Autumn Winter ’20 season, we are inspired by infamous Manchester music spot – The Trade Hall.


Known by many Mancunians as the place that changed live music in Britain forever, we reference the chunky knits, heavy parkas and hoodies worn as uniform by gig-goers at the iconic live-music venue.

Ask anyone on the street what they consider to be the most significant music performance in history, they’ll more than likely respond with Bob Geldof’s ‘Live Aid’ or Woodstock Festival in 1969.

We’ve never understood exactly how many people attended the gig. For the last forty years, the concert has been shrouded in myth and legend, but its impact was felt across the Manchester music scene forever after.

British Television Producer and Biographer David Nolan is firm on the fact that The Sex Pistol’s gig at the Trade Hall is largely responsible for inspiring an entire generation in Manchester to start making their own music and listening to new sounds. Alas, the power of punk.

This was not however, because they particularly liked the music mind you. Legend has it, Morrissey, who later went on to form The Smiths was in attendance, along with two impressionable lads who went to the shops the next day to buy guitars and form the band we now know as Joy Division.

In true Mancunian spirit, the artists who attended that small gig were apparently motivated by how ‘average’ The Sex Pistols were, and felt they could do better.

We can’t help but wonder, if this gig, shrouded in secrecy and the myths around it are indeed true – would we have had Wonderwall, Love Will Tear Us Apart and Twenty Four Hour Party People? Would we have had the Hacienda Nightclub and Factory Records?

In Autumn Winter 20, Ben Sherman pays homage to those gig-goers. Firstly for their music, and secondly for their fashion sense.


Whether they meant to or not, we are inspired by the somewhat ‘sloppy’ silhouettes they wore, the cords, the checks and of course, the uniform heavy men’s coats and parkas that are now so iconic to Manchester.


This year we evolve the iconic Harrington jackets, Oxford shirts, and classic gingham shirts with different materials that provide easy-to-wear and fashion forward layering options.

Shop the Trade Hall Collection for outfit ideas at Ben Sherman online now.

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