Salford Lads Club

For the first collection of 2020, Ben Sherman Australia is inspired by British youth culture, and the retro looks of the late 70s and early 80s in working class Manchester.

Salford Lads Club

At the time, British punk bands like New Order and artists like Morrissey dominated the music charts and set the style trends that were loyally followed by fashion-forward Mancunians.

This season, we are bringing back key trends like Fairisle and Tartan on textures like corduroy that transformed menswear during that era.

Our January arrivals are inspired by Salford Lads Club – a recreational club set up for young men in working class Manchester, a whole generation on from the bleak post-war period. The Club provided a space for young men to exercise, play music and socialise with the intention of keeping them off the streets and out of trouble during the tense political and social climate at the time.

In the 1960s, Salford Lads Club would house The Hollies during their band practice sessions before they became the household name they are today.

Most notably, though, the club gained international fame in 1986 when alternative rock band The Smiths posed in front of the building for the inside cover of their album ‘The Queen is Dead’. The Smiths’ music video for the songs, “There is a Light That Never Goes Out” and “Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before” also feature shots of the club’s exterior.

The Smiths soon became iconic for their style as well as their music. Not only did the band push the boundaries on the music scene, but Morrissey, the band’s front man in particular set the tone for a new fashion landscape in Britain.

As the band made their way from the front of Salford Lads Club to TV screens nationwide, young men became beholden with Morrissey’s directional style of baggy shirts, band tees and cable-knit cardigans.

Silhouettes were much more relaxed, but colour palettes were still rooted in the 1970s aesthetic that mirrored the moody scenes of an industrial city like Manchester. Men wore corduroy jackets to layer their knitwear, paired with tight, faded denim and trousers tapered at the ankle.

For Autumn Winter 20, Ben Sherman presents a collection influenced by this period in history.

Check Front Crew Midnight


Placed Geo Fairisle Dark Navy
Placed Geo Fairisle Dark Navy


4SB Twill Overshirt Tan
Cord Jacket Tan


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