30 July 2019


For our latest drop in the Ivy Americana-inspired Spring Summer' 19 collection, we take a trip down the Kings Road.

kings road

Famous for its rich history and fashion culture, the King’s Road in Chelsea, London, has seen everyone from mods to punks, teddy boys and new romantics pound its pavements over the decades.

Young British rock and roll icons of the 1960s shopped the Ivy style look along the King's Road, styling it with haircuts from France, scooters from Italy and clothing from America – all styled back with iconic British spirit.

kings road

Spring Summer 19 takes inspiration from a time when a young Arthur Sugarman, AKA Ben Sherman visited America in search of the iconic brand identity that we know and love today.

Sherman was heavily influenced by the strong presence of collegiate style in bold prints, stripes and pastels that spilled out from the Ivy League universities of the States.

In many ways, the American Ivy League look mirrored the vintage English upper classes at leisure in their white Oxford shirts, knitted vests, cardigans and chinos.

At the epicentre of British fashion throughout the 60s, the Kings Road was the ultimate location for the Ivy League Americana style to meet the mod movement. 

Taking the original Ben Sherman style of strong tailoring paired against a relaxed silhouette, the Ben Sherman heritage look was born. 

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Since its inception, Ben Sherman has always had a close affiliation with the music and style of the 1960s. Irreverent musical landmarks were the birthplace of ground-breaking recordings that captured hearts and minds of the impressionable youth kicking off cultural and style-led revolutions, many albums and artists whose musical genius and style evolution still hold relevance to this day.

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