We’re all guilty of saying it. “I’ll get to it later.” “I can’t do that, I don’t have the time.” During these tricky times that we’ve been presented with in the age of the coronavirus, one thing we have in abundance right now, is time.

Those fortunate enough are working from home and spending more time in the house than we ever have before. You’re forgiven for feeling like you’re going stir crazy. We get it, the motivational quotes and ‘yoga at home’ videos that are doing the rounds on the internet are becoming tiresome. While we’re deep in the throes of self-isolation, we’re also having more social interactions than ever before with Zoom meetings, online work drinks, virtual coffee dates – it’s almost harder to get any uninterrupted time for yourself. Thankfully, your friend Ben has rounded up a couple of realistic quick wins to keep you sane, positive and thriving in the new world order.


1. Get Cooking, Good Looking

Nobody is saying you need to go completely gourmet on us, but now really is the perfect time to get busy in the kitchen. After years of skating by doing the bare minimum, it might be fun to broaden your culinary horizons and whip up a feast for the family, your housemates, or better still – a family-sized spread just for you (there’s no judgement in isolation). Recipes are great and all, but to stay entertained with a visual step by step, opt for YouTube tutorials over your standard cookbook. From classic scrambled eggs, ‘fast food’ at home, to nailing the quintessential roast – celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Matty Matheson have you covered.

2. Fitness, without the fuss

Anyone else dreading the moment they get tagged in the ‘Run 5KM and tag five of your mates’ challenge on Instagram, or is it just us? Jokes aside, if you’re one of the many who have lost access to your local gym – getting into a new routine is challenging for the best of us. But, before you head into the loft for the vintage workout DVDs, everything you need is likely on Instagram already. Whether F45, Orange Theory or Barry’s – the household names in the fitness world are all putting their best foot forward (or lunge) in delivering content straight to your living room/home gym.

3. Netflix has NEVER been better

It almost feels like we just didn’t take Netflix seriously before now. Love it or hate it, technology has been a saviour for many of us during this pandemic. Whether it’s staying in touch with loved ones over Skype, ordering from your favourite local restaurant on Uber Eats, or just sitting down to some good old fashioned TV, thank goodness for our screens in every shape and size. Why not try some of Ben’s top picks on the flix:

  • The Tiger King 
  • The English Game
  • Top Boy - Sunderland ‘Til I Die
  • Ozark
  • Money Heist
  • Peaky Blinders
  • After Life
  • Bodyguard

4. Rework your wardrobe

Whether we really noticed it or not, the warmer months seem to have come and gone, and winter really is coming. It might be time to tackle the wardrobe head on and swap out your summer shirts and shorts for comfier threads like hoodies, track tops and cotton T-shirts. Make life simple, and move the clothes you won’t be wearing for a while to another space so you know exactly what you’re working with over the next couple of months. After some inspiration? Here is Ben’s curated Dressed To Chill edit.

5. Be a kid again

There has never been a better time (or excuse for those who usually have to defend their time on a console) to dive right into that game you’ve never quite been able to commit to. It doesn’t have to be Grand Theft Auto either. Tabletop games are making a comeback – and no, you don’t need multiple players. Our friends at GQ Australia have tried them, tested them and hand-picked the best ones here.

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